GMC Western States
Newsletter Number 50 - October 30, 2002

 President's Message

I can't believe it, but it happens every time- each new Rally Master comes up with a new and unique rally which makes us all just want to keep coming back for more. And yes, John and Ginny Lennarston kept that tradition going as they lassoed and corralled about 89 families, feeding, entertaining, educating, and generally" wowing" us in the Buffalo Bill area of the west, Cody, Wyoming. Thanks John and Ginny, you gave us all a great time. I hope you survived all that work that you did.

This being our fall rally it is the time when we elect officers for the New Year, and so as is typical, there are some personnel changes. Our Vice Presidents for both Tech and Non-tech have found it necessary to step aside for the present. So thank you, to both Emery Stora and Fay Curtis for your work and we hope you will come back on board again when time allows it. Emery and Fay have been both relatively new comers to our club, so I am glad to see individuals jump in and be willing to help right from the start.

Our Newsletter Editors, Marc and Lillian Trubert have, after doing a super job of piloting our Newsletter for about five years felt it is time to retire. Thanks guys, you folks and all your helpers have done an awesome job.

Now for the "new comers" we have voted in Dorris Garton as our First Vice President for Non Tech. Dorris, of course is hardly a new comer as she and Chuck have both been around GMCWS for a long time and have had a GMC since Nov. 1977. That's when my one was made! Dorris has just retired from pay but assures me she is not really retired from nursing, where she has worked in many and varied jobs from acute care, to infection prevention and control, and the last nine years as an infection control consultant and educator for Long Term Care in southern California. Having led out in many workshops and seminars in the health/ disease field don't be surprised if Dorris does not raise our awareness in these fields.

The next one is Gene Fisher our new Technical Vice President. Many will not yet know Gene from our club as he has been rather busy attending to other matters in the last couple of years, but for those who are on the Internet, he is by no means a stranger as he runs the very active, and voluminous GMC Internet site From this sight you will be able to access just about everything you will ever want to know about GMC's. He's already lining up seminars for our spring, Temecula, California Rally, which you won't want to miss.

And last but not least, is Judy Cherry, new Editor in Chief of the Newsletter. If you come to our rallies Judy is already well known to many as she and husband Mike led out in the Prescott rally and one often sees them riding around on their bicycles. Judy has a background in teaching but is still very active working at the local library along with hiking, quilting, reading, and being grandma to granddaughter Madeleine. They have two grown kids Dan and Rachel both living in Prescott.

And now, we have just confirmed our Osoyoos, British Columbia rally for next fall will be Sept 14 - 19, 2003. So mark your calendars, get ready to come to Canada, and to play with our coloured ( we spell differently too) money! Osoyoos is just across the border, and in the warm, dry, interior fruit growing area of BC.

Winter is coming, so relax and take it easy,
And until next time-


Secretary's Report

The Fall 2002 Board meeting was held on September 9, 2002 at Cody, WY. The President, 1st VP, Treasurer, Secretary, and Alternate FMCA representative were present. Additional members present included the current and past news letter editors and the Wagon Master and the rally master.
The Secretary reported that membership at the time of the Board meeting was 404. Approximately 18 new members joined as the result of a targeted FMCA mailing to GMC owners. Additionally, the Secretary stated that '03 dues notices will go out by separate mailing as they were last year. The separate notice was more successful last year rather than including them in the newsletter.
The treasurer's report was submitted and accepted.
The Rally Master reported the need to include how to handle registration of non-members and guests in the Rally Masters handbook.

President Brousson reported that the nominating committee has presented the following candidates
President--Claude Brousson
1st VP--Dorris Garton
Technical VP--Gene Fisher
Secretary--Frank Condos
Treasurer--Bill Schumway
FMCA Representative, Norm Kasch
Alternate, Kerry Tandy
Additionally Freddi Condos has agreed to stay in the appointed position as Wagon Master. Judy and Mike Cherry will replace the Truberts as Newsletter editor and publisher.
Items discussed without formal action were additions to the new member package as they become available and the possibility of providing recordings of the tech sessions on the internet.

General Meeting: The general meeting was held September 10, 2002. After the Welcome by President Brousson, the Secretary and Treasurer's reports were given and accepted.
Under new business, a motion was made and sec-onded, and carried for the club to again make perma-nent name badges available with the members to pay the full cost. Order requests will be included in the membership renewal package.
The officer Candidates were introduced along with the newsletter editors. Nominations from the floor were requested and closed. The officer slate was accepted by acclamation.

Frank Condos


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