Thank You Marc and Lillian Trubert
I want to say a special thank you to Marc and Lillian Trubert for the work they have done on the newsletter over the past four and a half years. In addition they have been most generous with their aid and advice to help me get up and running in the job as newsletter editor. They have made the transition as easy as possible for me, so I have not had to reinvent the wheel. They even offered to come to Prescott to help put out the first issue! Now that's dedication! Thank you, Marc and Lillian.

Judy Cherry

ALERT… ALERT… ALERT… Calling all GMCers …
Please call, send a card, stop by or whatever you can do for Bob and Barbara Blenkinsop. As you may know Barbara suffered a debilitating stroke over a year ago and is convalescing at home. Bob is doing an outstanding job caring for her. I'm sure that they would appreciate hearing from you. Bob has been an avid GMCer for many years. They even purchased their coach new over 28 years ago. Bob is one of the founding members and past president of Western States. It would be uplifting for them to hear what's going on in your world.

They can be reached at: 5502 W. Minarets Ave., Fresno, CA 93722 - (559) 271-8184.
Thank you for caring.

Frank and Freddi

Roundup Report - Spring 2002
Reunion in the Pines
Camp Yavapines, Prescott, Arizona
May 29th - June 3rd, 2002

From Lillian:

All facilities and weather were as promised for this great Roundup including the dark nights with lots of stars, wind swooshing through the pines, clean air, deliciously hearty food, nice showers, air-conditioned meeting rooms - Hosts Mike and Judy Cherry and Bebe and Nancy Pettit delivered a primo Prescott experience for us all.

Roundupmasters Mike and Judy Cherry

Co-Roundupmasters Bebe and Nancy Pettit

The site at 5700 feet is well run and maintained by the Seventh Day Adventist Church, and that big swimming pool was appreciated by many of us. While some days were warm, the nights were pleasantly cool, and the campsites were very picturesque. It was a perfect setting to engage in some wonderful Western States camaraderie. I found myself heading down to the Condos's "attitude adjustment" hour for a slight taste of Kerry Tandy's killer Margaritas each late afternoon. I believe he has a secret ingredient, because each time I drank one, I found myself looking around at all the people gathered and feeling very warmly toward them. Aren't we great people? I saw many such groups throughout the campground, so I know everyone was having a nice relaxing visiting time.

Camp Yavapines Dome

Once again we had some first rate technical seminars (I'll leave it to Emory Stora to fill you in on those) and outstanding non-technical seminars. While the men were learning even more about GMC renovations, modifications and updates, computers on the road, GMC basics, tools and safety considerations, the women were up to their usual high jinks. If we weren't talking, making "shelf sitters" (see picture somewhere in the newsletter) or "showing and telling" items pertinent to the GMC lifestyle (in a tremendous session led by non-tech vice president Fay Curtis), we were probably engrossed in one of those Joker and Marbles or domino games. The men like to join us in those! And we had another intriguing swap meet for everyone under the shady dome at the camp.

In addition to all this, a lot of us rambled through downtown Prescott terrorizing the local antique shops. Ginny Bare scored a Stickley oak rocking chair, Audree Rowe found a Higgins art glass piece and I found a secretary (desk) I couldn't get in our coach I am still grieving over. And besides entertaining ourselves with a sing-a-long lead by Ginny Bare, the High Mountain Chordsmen Barbershop singers definitely entertained us with their sentimental songs, and we danced the night away to some old songs we could all remember.

I can't end my Roundup Report without marveling at the superior job our Roundupmasters Mike and Judy Cherry and Bebe and Nancy Pettit did in bring us such a special Roundup. As I was watching them pass out the thank you gifts to all the volunteers at their "thank you ceremony", I felt very proud to be a part of a group with such talented and truly nice people.

Sunday Non-tech Recap
The ladies had a wonderful question and answer meeting led by Fay Curtis. We learned a lot about GMCing, and we laughed a lot at some of the questions asked and the great answers given. This seminar was a great idea, Fay!

Some of the information given is recapped here by request. We don't want some of these gems to get away!

1) The neat stacking cookware shared by Audree Rowe can be ordered via the Internet at At approximately $70 this set is totally stackable with detachable handles and storage lids.

2) Joanne Hernandez told us about some wiping sheets (3 for $19.95) that work like magic cleaning your RV windows without water. They clean the whole RV even and just about anything else. Don't confuse these with the ones sold at Camping World. Hers are called "Itsamiracle," and she bought them at an RV show, but they can be bought through direct sales on TV. Try the Internet too.

3) Several ladies reminded us we should carry a spring loaded center punch (#800) to break our front or rear windshields and cut our seat belts in case we need to exit pronto. We should not try to walk pass a fire in the coach but exit away from the fire. I guess this means we should buy 2 - one for the front and one for the back of the coach.

4) Rogers RV in Ontario, CA is a good source for replacement latches for bath and closet doors for some models. Another one is Alex Sirum GMC Motorhomes, Inc. (email

From Fay:
Another fantastic rally is over. I want to thank the Cherrys, the Petits, Elaine Ginn, Olga Beeck, Jack Bischof and everyone that attended and participated in the nontech seminars for helping make my job easy and for providing informative and fun seminars.

We started the rally with a lecture by Jack Bischof from the Prescott National Forest volunteers speakers group. Not only did he give us information regarding the history of the forest, fires - causes and prevention of - and the local wildlife, but he caused us to crave baked goods by suggesting that we smelled the pine tree trunks which release vanilla and cinnamon odors as they heat up. I noticed more than one person sniffing a tree!

Friday, Elaine passed on important information regarding breast cancer prevention/detection which hopefully everyone will put into practice. And then Olga had everyone cutting, gluing, and stuccoing styrofoam, making a veritable village of Adobe buildings. This seminar just reinforced my view of the number of extremely creative people we have as members of Western States. The vast variety of buildings, created out of the same materials, was awe inspiring. I hope everyone got a glimpse of the creations. Thank you Elaine and Olga again for sharing you knowledge.

Finished shelf sitters

The next two days we spent in question and answer forums - where everyone was an expert. The first session was titled Travel Right, Travel Light, part 1, The Kitchen. Many good ideas for lightening the kitchen load (e.g., eat out all of the time) were shared. A brief overview of some of the suggestions were velcroed spice bottles, Tupperware containers that fit behind the stove, using a square Kleenex box to store plastic bags, the great stacking pans and lids, and the variety of garbage can storage areas. Conversation wandered out of the kitchen area a little, but if you were not there, you missed a good time.

Afterwards, those that still needed to create, made egg confetti smashers - not their real name, but not only can I not spell it, I can't pronounce it either - ask Olga! No matter what they are called everyone had fun making them and the jokes and stories going around during their construction were hilarious.

The following day, we tried to answer questions submitted in writing before the session began. These ranged the whole gauntlet, but several focused in on how to stay cool in the cockpit and how/what to pack - to wear, linens, food items, and to reduce clutter. I'm not sure if these were ever answered satisfactorily, but if not it was not for lack of input. There was an interesting question posed regarding husbands, with a great answer given - just ask about the pill in the shoe!

Due to the positive response for the question/answer forums, we will be doing this again in Cody. So save up your questions and suggestions.

Regarding question/solutions at Prescott: To find out more information regarding the water quick connect (or to order) contact R. W. J. Enterprises, Inc. at 775-972-7216 or visit their website
In lieu of attaching a holding clip to the outside of the electric connection box to keep the flap up, a piece of wood 1.5 x .25 by about 5 inches long works great.

Cody is racing towards us and it will soon be time to gather again and it will be time to share, learn and create. On the schedule for the nontechnical side are:

1) What does FMCA do for you - benefits and perks that many people do not know exist or take advantage of.

2) Another great craft session.

3) Travel Right, Travel Light -part 2 (the rest of the coach) and of course

4) The technically impaired question and answer discussion. We are also hoping to have a Women's Driving Session if time and location permit it. A fantastic time of fun, learning and creating will be packed into our short stay in Cody. And of course Jokers and Marbles and dominos will be played whenever and wherever there is a chance.

Again, thank you for a very enjoyable roundup and for making my first time so much fun.

What is a Binky?

Binkies are handmade blankets that are given to children who need comfort. Binkies can be sewn, knitted, crocheted or quilted. Simple or fancy. If they come from the heart and are machine washable -- they are perfect.

They are given to the children who miss school a lot, the ones who don't have the nicest clothes, the ones who live with "different moms and dads", the ones you'd never think to invite to your home to sleep over with your kids. They are the invisible kids -- the ones who need to be thought of often and loved even more.

Sizes from 3 feet square up are needed. Binky Patrol delivers binkies to children from 1 day to eighteen years old. The blankets are given to these special children and teens as gifts for them to keep always.

Our Western States member Dorothy Shumway would love for you to bring those quilts you may have started and never finished or material appropriate for such a project. These blankets will be finished by Binky Patrol members. Perhaps you'll be inspired to finish them yourself and donate them to this worthy cause. Dorothy will be happy to pass them on, help you start a project or give you more information. She'll be at the next Roundup in Wyoming in the fall.

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