GMC Western States
Newsletter Number 49 - June 30, 2002

 President's Message

Enjoyment. What is it? I guess it is in fact many things and as varied as there are people. For those of us at the recent Reunion in the Pines at Prescott, Arizona, it was a group of fascinated GMCers watching Bebe Pettit carefully taking apart a transmission for free and answering all the questions after he had said earlier that he wasn't going to say "anything" at his seminar. Or maybe it was Russ Ellis sipping his early morning coffee as the sun climbed over the tree tops while watching a group of early morning GMC walkers led by Freddi go hiking by working up a sweat and raising their heart beat, and he says to himself "this is the life; just relax and avoid all that work stuff". Or what about the afternoon when father Mike Cherry and son showed all those old tools that they like to collect, sharing together a common interest. Then there are those who sit around playing jokers and marbles till the wee hours of the morning and still can't get enough of it. (To me that would be absolute torture at least, maybe even more). Well, this is just a sample of the many enjoyable experiences created for us by our Roundupmasters, the Cherrys and Pettits, along with the excellent support from our Tech and Nontech Vice Presidents and many other volunteers. Thanks again for keeping the tradition of always making GMC Western States Roundups a memorable experience.

Of interest was the fact that of 80 plus coaches, 20% were at a Western States roundup for the first time. We even pulled long time GMCers - the Sirums, Greenbergs and Jim Bounds all the way from Florida. Glad you all could make it. I understand that Dave Greenberg is now working his way toward the 6000 mark of GMC serial number registrations, so if you come across a vehicle, try and get the serial number and let him know any info you can get as to year and ownership.

The future? Plans are going full steam ahead for Cody, Wyoming, September 6-11 with the Lennartsons, and plans are already being made for roundups in 2003 and 2004. When we do our voting at Cody, it looks like we will once again have a strong and dedicated group of volunteers to lead our club into the future and to plan roundups for the next two years.

Cody is less than an hour away from the very scenic Yellowstone National Park and not too far from the beautiful Grand Teton Park. The last time I was in the latter one, I was awed and fully enraptured with a great display of nature one evening at bedtime with thunder reverberating from mountain top to mountain top and lightning streaking from one craggy peak to another. So, everybody, come and enjoy a good time with us in Wyoming.

And in the meantime, keep those six on the ground and turning smoothly.


Newsletter Gets New Editors

It is with tears in our eyes for all the good times and smiles on our faces for the joy we know the new editors will experience that we officially pass our editorship on to Mike and Judy Cherry. We learned a lot about our computers, made many new friends and felt we were contributing to a great association, but after almost five years we felt someone else should have a chance to have so much fun! And we are so happy to have such can-do people take over. We will be able to sleep soundly and to travel more.

We want to thank Frank and Freddi Condos for all those late nights they so willingly helped us stuff and stamp those envelopes for mailing. They saved us hours of time and made the whole process much more enjoyable. And we want to thank all the presidents, tech and non-tech vice presidents, secretary, treasurers and contributors who made our deadlines and made the newsletter come to life. A special thanks goes to Greta Hayward and Jo Lingrey for so faithfully mailing us their superior photographs. We always appreciated your words of praise and encouragement. What a great group!

The Truberts


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