GMC Western States
Newsletter Number 47 - December 15, 2001

 President's Message
There is no doubt about it. They went for the gold in '49, and we all went for the gold at Mariposa with Roundup Masters Condos and Trubert. About 120 coach owners staked out claims, and so with sunny skies and the imaginative ways of our leaders, everyone panned and struck gold in food, seminars, gifts, and rocking good times. Thanks to Freddi, Frank, Lillian and Marc from all of us for an awesome good time.

There were a number of first timers to our Roundup, and while I like to get around and meet you all, due to my brief sojourn in the Fresno hospital, I don't think I met you all. So I just want to say welcome to our club, and I hope you will find this experience one of pleasure, reward and learning. Come to our Roundups, get to know some folk, let your "hair" down a bit, and you will have the time of your life.

With Mariposa being our fall roundup, it was time to confirm the nominating committees recommendations for our new Executive for the rest of 2001 and next year. We have a nice balance of some continuing and some "new blood" joining us. I like that. Bill Shumway has agreed to take the place of Miki Singleton as our Treasurer. And thanks a lot, Miki, for your excellent help these past years. Your staying in the saddle was one factor in my agreeing to take the Presidency the other year when our funds were running low.

Now Bill Shumway (and wife Dorothy) live in San Jose CA, although raised in Massachusetts. Like many he had a yen for California, moving there in 1942, and having a mechanical mind, he enjoyed becoming an engine specialist on B29's during World War II. Using the GI bill offer after the war, a math degree from University of California was the next step, and then on to a career in the computer industry. By retirement he was Director of Information Systems Technology at Lockheed.

The Shumways are no strangers to GMCWS, as they are charter members from the very start back in March 1988 when we had our first Roundup in Chula Vista, CA. Incidentally we had almost identically the same number attending that first rally as attended our last one at Mariposa - about 120 coaches. They have had their Glenbrook coach even longer, going back to 1984. I am sure we are in safe hands as Miki turns our banking books over to Bill at the end of this year.

The second change is that Nancy Pettit is hanging up her hat (is that really true, Nancy? I thought you liked hats!). And now to continue to keep the ladies busy, learning and out of mischief while hubby is preoccupied with things he feels are vitally important, one of our newer, and I was going to say younger, members, but she reports she's been employed more than 20 years, will be Ist Vice President of Non Technical - Fay Curtis. Actually Nancy is not going to get off too easily, as we already have her with a new hat working with the Cherrys on the spring rally. I told you she liked "hats." Thanks, Nancy, for being such a good sport and being so willing. We all authorize your husband to give you and extra hug and kiss.

Let me share some things about Fay, which I bet you didn't know. She has three good and obedient pets: Meowff the cat, Sable the dog, and Bert her husband (not sure of the correct order). She and Bert run their own business, manufacturing custom replacement parts for Lotus cars, both street and vintage race models. He looks after the frame and suspension parts and she does the fiberglass panels. Fay has lots of interests including sewing, cooking, hiking, camping, reading, car restoration, collecting rocks and minerals, and in her spare time, racing vintage Lotuses. Part of Fay's vision for the future is to try and expand nontech seminars to themes, which might tempt the men and those who don't like coming to roundups to join her for some fun. Way to go Fay, and we're glad you are jumping right in and being a willing volunteer.

The final change, Bob Blenkinsop found it necessary to step down this year to care for wife Barbara. Bob also is one of our charter members and has always been a very strong and enthusiastic supporter of the club. He was our first President and, of course, has put on seminars, been our National Director with FMCA and generally ready to help wherever needed. I think with Bob's bushy beard, we could make him the Honorary Patriarch for Western States.

Our new Alternate National Director is Kerry Tandy, hailing originally from Abilene, Texas but more recently Merkel, Texas and Conner, Montana, but don't expect to find him and wife Leanne home too much. Since the purchase of their GMC two years ago they have put about 50,000 miles on it along with joining 5 RV clubs and 3 campground memberships. Kerry's training for life started early when his doctor father, starting him at age eight, developed a work ethic by having him ride binder putting up high gear on a ranch in the county of Crockett named after Davy Crockett. The reward was he got to sleep on a bedroll on the ground with a lariat all around to keep the rattlesnakes away, eat from the chuck wagon, and earn a buck a day pay. Eventually he graduated to shine shoes and then rough necked in the oil fields and went to University of Texas and married Leanne. Since then she has been trying to ennoble and refine him like all our wives try to do! Kerry has turned his hand to many things, amongst them being in the cockpit of large planes flying all over the world and singing in choirs. Kerry is enthusiastic about life and is a strong promoter of our club.

The other incumbents have all been returned to their same positions: FMCA National Director- Norm Kasch, Secretary- Frank Condos, Technical Vice President-Emery Stora, and President- Claude Brousson.

And now turning the corner, I would like to share some other information, which due to my brief personal hospitalization while at our Mariposa Roundup, (resulting from a sudden and serious case of vertigo dizziness) certainly raised my consciousness about the implications of accident and sickness. Having come to the Roundup alone without Donna, I suddenly became aware of some of the implications when such an emergency arises. I have always had excellent health, and so I was perhaps less conscious of this than others, but nevertheless I want to draw to our attention both here and hopefully in our next Newsletter to some information which will be helpful for all and raise our consciousness. A medical emergency in our GMC's would typically happen often far from our home area and may entail vehicle accident, personal injury and vehicle damage, hospitalization, death or incapacity for driving, etc. All of this is traumatic and very difficult even with a traveling companion but even more complicated when one is alone. In my own case, with it happening at the Roundup, I was amazed and will be eternally grateful for the swiftness and real caring concern that a number of wonderful folk showed in taking care of me. Most likely many emergencies would not have these resources so readily available.

I am now convinced that we all should carry some readily available written material in our GMC's, covering important and vital information about insurance provisions and ourselves. Included with this Newsletter, is a separate brochure put out by MEDEX ASSISTANCE CORP. Our umbrella organization, FMCA has contracted with and paid for us to have coverage under six categories of emergency:
1. Emergency medical aid and ground evacuation.
2. Repatriation of remains.
3. Return home of unattended grandchildren and
dependent children.
4. Motorhome and automobile return home.
5 Family member visit transportation.
6. Transportation home after initial evacuation.

While hopefully we will never need to make use of these free services provided by FMCA, just knowing that the provisions are there and having the emergency phone numbers readily at hand, makes for an increased comfort level. Please read this brochure carefully, highlight any portions of special significance to you, and put it in your GMC where you can readily find and see it.

Next Newsletter, I hope to include personal information, which is important to have readily at hand at times of crisis.

In the meantime, Happy Holidays, and we will come and visit you on this page next year.

Claude Brousson, President

Membership Renewal

 Remember the 2002 membership renewal is due now. If your address label indicates an '01 in the address, your membership expires at the end of the year. If you have an '02, you are paid for 2002.

This year we are starting a new approach to up-date the roster and collect the annual dues. A renewal form is sent to you in a mailing separate from that of the newsletter. The form shows the data we currently have in file.

Please update this form as needed and send it with your payment to the chapter secretary as soon as possible so you can be included in the March 2002 roster.



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