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GMC Western States annual dues for 2001 are due on January 1, 2001. Renewal is $20.00.
A renewal form (orange sheet) is enclosed with this newsletter. Please note that the renewal form must be returned even if you have no changes to make since last year or if you are already paid for 2001. The renewal form is used to update our database so we can generate an accurate roster. We are planning to publish the 2001 roster late February; therefore we need the renewal form as early as possible so your name can be in the new roster with up-to-date data (address, etc…). Also note that your FMCA membership must be current. Send back your renewal form (orange sheet) and payment to:

GMC Western States
42744 Windy Gap Dr.
Ahwahnee, CA 93601

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The family of Roy Platz wishes to express deep thanks to all members of GMC Western States. You have been good and loyal friends to us, especially so, during this time of sorrow in the loss of our beloved Roy. Thanks for the many telephone calls, the cards and letters, and the charitable gifts in his memory. Your funds collected at the time of his death were used for the floral piece at his memorial service. We will be eternally grateful for your friendship and caring.
Thanks, and I will be thinking of you both and all the members at the upcoming rally.
Ellamae Platz

From our Secretary

Minutes of the Executive Board Meeting - 09/11/00

President Brousson called the meeting to order at 3:15 p.m. The officers present were, 1st VP, 2nd VP and Secretary. Area representatives were present from So. California, Oregon, Texas and Montana. The Secretary's and Treasurer's reports were read and accepted. President Brousson discussed the Treasurer's report format that he wished to be adopted.

The President reported that the position of Wagonmaster, with the responsibility to line up roundupmasters and potential sites, has been accepted by Freddi Condos. The spring '01 rally is planned in Palm Desert, CA with the de Graffenreid's as hosts. The fall '01 rally will be in the Sierra foothills near Yosemite National Park. The '02 rallies need to be re-planned.

The board continued the discussion of joint rallies with the International organization. A motion was made and carried to suspend further discussions with International regarding joint rallies.

A motion was made and carried to purchase an overhead projector by paying the $78 difference between the rally rental fee and purchase cost of the projector.

A motion was carried to authorize the disposal of the obsolete lap top computer and printer in the most expeditious way.

The following website policy was discussed and adopted:

GMC Western States Website Policy
The purpose of the GMC WS site is for the assistance and enjoyment of GMC owners and would-be owners. It is GMC WS Club policy that any vendor can list their product or service without charge on our site provided it is relevant to the GMC. Vehicle brief descriptions, optional pictures and price of the product or service are permitted.

Owners may list their vehicles FOR SALE accompanied with brief description and picture if desired. The listing will remain posted for a 4-month period and then be deleted unless the Webmaster is requested to extend or delete it.

DISCLAIMER: While the purpose of the information here listed is provided as a tool to aid in making GMC decisions, neither the club nor its officers can be held in any degree responsible for the accuracy, timeliness, and quality of the information listed. Individuals will have to assess this for themselves and make their own personal decisions and judgements. In addition GMC WS will not be responsible for problems arising from the use of any vendor, and any issues/problems are to be resolved between the vendor and the individual party.

The placement of information here is to be done through the Webmaster and with approval of an Executive Board member.

Minutes of the General Membership Meeting
The General Membership meeting was held after dinner on September 11.The following motions were carried: acceptance of the proposed budget, acceptance of the Secretary's and Treasurer's reports and acceptance of the nominated slate of officer for 2001.

After some discussion regarding a joint rally with GMC Motorhome International, a show of hands indicated a majority of those present did not favor a joint rally.
Frank Condos

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