GMC Western States
Newsletter Number 43 - December 1, 2000

 President's Message
When I go outside in the evenings now, I often hear and see the geese flying in vee formation just above the tree tops, heading due south, honking as they go. I know that summer is over, and the winter rains are soon to come here in the Pacific Northwest.

Such was not the case for our Northwest Passage Rendezvous hosted by Bill and Marilyn Harvey in September at Newport, Washington, as we had lovely clear days and evenings throughout the rally, which was doubtless a great relief for Bill as we used a tent for the dinners in the evenings.

Bill and Marilyn Harvey have put on several rallies over the years as well as Bill being President and Marilyn as Wagonmaster, so they have a very good handle on how to make it all come together smoothly and make a great time for everyone. Even though this was a smaller rally than typical for the club, the whole experience, from the forest setting of pines and firs and Indian summer weather to food and seminars, the planning and execution of the whole thing left us with a happy feeling. Thanks a lot to both of you for the time and interest you have given to the club these past number of years. If you have seen the latest version of the ROUNDUPMASTER'S HANDBOOK (created by Marilyn), you know a lot of time and effort has gone into making any new roundupmasters job a lot easier and more successful.

As many of you are aware, our club and GMC International were exploring the possibility of having a joint rally in the future. Max Rockafellow and myself have been dialoguing by phone on this, and I reported back to our Executive and to our Chapter Business Meeting. While our dialogue indicated that a successful joint venture could be accomplished, when the matter was put to a vote, there was a clear mandate to continue to have our own separate rallies. It is interesting also to note from a show of hands, that most of our members at the rally were also members of the International Club, and also many of them planned to continue on to Welches, Oregon for the International meet a few days following. I am not sure what to make of all this, except that perhaps GMC'ers just love going to GMC rallies, and if there was one big one, that would reduce the total number of rallies they would get to in one year!

And speaking of rallies, I can now report that our spring rally will be in PALM DESERT, CA at the EMERALD DESERT GOLF AND RV RESORT, MARCH 18-23, 2001. Dave and Donna de Graffenreid will be our Roundupmasters. They are already well into the planning, and from what I can see you will not be disappointed. See their report later in the Newsletter.

For the fall 2001 rally we'll be looking to our illustrious morning jogger Freddi Condos and our Secretary Frank Condos along with our Editors, Marc and Lillian Trubert to wine and dine us at the MARIPOSA FAIRGROUNDS IN MARIPOSA, CALIFORNIA, Sept 17-22, 2001. More info next time.

Our Chapter meeting voted in the Executive Officers for the next year, and they remain the same as last year, except that Chuck Aulgur, our Technical Vice President, found it necessary to step down. I think we have all appreciated Chuck's prolific pen and thoughtful articles in the Newsletter. When Chuck does something, you can be sure it is done right! Thanks Chuck for your excellent help.

Our nominating committee (the state and prov. reps.) selected Emery Stora for a replacement last spring and Emery was voted in at our Newport roundup. Emery is relatively new to Western States but not to GMC's. After owning two Travco RV's, he graduated to a 26 ft. 1977 Kingsley in 1981. Having done that, he and wife Michelle, have never looked back but just keep traveling all over. To date they have been to every state but Hawaii and Alaska. With four kids plus two grand children to keep track of, and spread out between Mass., Michigan, AZ., and CA., Emery has to keep that GMC in top running order. He has done this through keeping his shop well equipped with many tools and his own excellent knowledge of mechanics, electronics, refrigeration and air conditioning. From his professional background of chemical engineering and financial management, Emery brings to the club a sound understanding of finance, business, and perhaps of most interest, that of automotive fluids and chemicals such as oil additives, brake fluids and coolants. For 20 years he was associated with Dow Chemicals. He is also a member of the Society of Automotive Engineers.

And by the way, Emery and Michelle live way down in Santa Fe, New Mexico. They are retired so they have nothing to do but play with the GMC and their grandchildren!! Welcome aboard folks.

Lastly, you may remember that in the last Newsletter I reported having real difficulty with finding someone to replace Marilyn for the WAGONMASTER position. I can now sigh a great sigh of relief as Freddi Condos has said she would take the job. I really appreciate Freddi. Now, everybody go and give her a hug for me!

Keep all six turning safely,

Claude Brousson, President


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