Northwest Passage Rendezvous
September 10-15, 2000


Excellent sites remain at Little Diamond RV Resort at Newport, Washington for our Fall 2000 Northwest Passage Rendezvous. Gas prices are dropping across the country, so we won't suffer from "pump shock" when we gas up on the way.

Thanks to our Technical and Nontechnical Vice Presidents, Chuck Aulgur and Nancy Pettit, these programs are taking shape. And our free day tour promises to be a great exposure to the beauties of the Idaho Panhandle plus a Sandpoint shopping opportunity including a detailed tour of Coldwater Fashions headquarters and salesroom.

Based upon those who have signed up so far, it looks like we may be able to run two buses on the tour. One will drop the really serious shoppers off in Sandpoint for shopping and/or golf and then proceed to Bonners Ferry and the Kootenai National Wildlife Refuge. For those who would rather watch their money fly than the thousands of birds at the refuge, we will make a stop at he Kootenai River Casino. Then on our way back we will pick our gamblers and shoppers and offer everyone the opportunity to have dinner at any of several excellent restaurants in Sandpoint. The second bus will be available for the really serious shoppers to run down to Coeur d'Alene and visit the shops there. So despite the rather confusing information on tours in the registration packet, we'll have the opportunity to custom tailor our free day to suit the majority. Remember, you need sign up for only ONE tour. We are refunding your money for the second tour if you signed up for both.

The technical roundtable discussion on Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) promises to be one of the most informative that we have had in a long time. For those with post 1973 coaches in California, advice will be offered on how to restore the old carbureted system for the smog inspection. Everything that we have heard indicates that EFI restores life to our 25 year old engines with today's fuels. Various suppliers of GMC Motorhome compatible systems will be discussed. This session should be a "Don't Miss"!

A final couple of notes: Don't wait until the last minute. If you don't get your registration in the mail by August 29th, bring it with you to the roundup. And if anybody is interested in obtaining a good complete dry bath shower removed from our '75 Avion for free, please give us a call before the 29th and we'll bring it to the roundup tied to the back of our coach.

Marilyn and Bill Harvey, Roundupmasters

It is amazing how quickly the summer is going. Soon it will be time to celebrate the end of summer with our rally in Newport, WA.

We are trying to leave a little relaxing time in the schedule in addition to our usual sessions. There always seems to be too much to do.

Remember that neat game Jokers and Marbles?? It was suggested that perhaps we could have an "instruction session" so that we won't all be amateurs when it comes to playing. If you have a game board, please bring it along so that we can have several tables going on at once.

Don't forget the show and tell items for the gabfest. That is also the place to ask others for their solutions for our GMC problems.

We will also try to fit in our book swap.
One more thing: bring your bi-focals, girls; we are going to do a little American Indian beading!

Nancy Pettit

Included in this newsletter you will find an application for the registration. You will also find a tentative schedule and a map to access the park.

See you in Newport

 Subsequent to writing my President's Message and after having contacted quite a few individuals to see if they would consider being a Wagon Master, I am beginning to feel some anxiety with no one seemingly feeling they can take it on. Actually I think this job is less demanding than being a Roundup Master, although it does require scouting around and talking with various people. Today we often call this networking. In practice one could decide on a geographical area for a roundup and then seek a roundup master from that general area or one could get a roundup master and have him/her research out a particular suitable site. In my own case when I agreed to do a roundup in BC, I researched right across the whole of southern BC before choosing a spot which was central and appropriate. That was an exception, I think, and usually, it does not require that much input. In any case, I really do need your help. Marilyn Harvey plans to run a seminar as mentioned earlier, so if you feel it is your time to put something into the club, besides receiving the benefits, and if you want to increase your own pleasure from it, then come out to the Roundup Master/Wagon Master seminar. And if I have made you all feel a little guilty, I don't think I mind in the least!

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