GMC Western States
Newsletter Number 42 - August 21, 2000

 President's Message
With our efficient Editors, Marc and Lillian Trubert, wanting to get the Newsletter out before the Northwest Passage Rendezvous Roundup, I do not have a lot on my mind to share this time. Most likely many of you have been traveling the byways and highways and having a good time this summer. We have just returned from going up north in BC to visit our son and family at Fort St John, where they live and have two health food stores. Fort St John is beyond mile 0 at Dawson Creek where the Alaska Highway begins. One notices a steady stream of motorhomes heading up that way, but we didn't see any GMC's.

We will need to wait until our Roundup time to hear what the plans are for next year for Roundups as dates, places and Roundup Masters are not all firmed up at this point. Marilyn Harvey is going to hold an INFORMATION EXCHANGE SEMINAR at Newport, so this would be a good time to come and learn what is involved in being a Roundup Master and/or a Wagon Master. Marilyn has really done a fantastic job for our club as our Wagon Master but wants now to retire. We do not yet have a replacement for her position. So why not come and take a look at either of these jobs - doing a Roundup sometime or being our Wagon Master.

The registrations are rolling in for the Sept 10-15 Rendezvous, so don't forget to get your registration filled out and in to Bill Harvey as soon as possible. It is really hard for Roundup Masters to financially plan when they do not know how many are going to show up. Anyway, by all means come, have a good time, and if I don't know you yet, come and introduce yourself to me. I would like to meet you.

Now on to something else outside of direct club business. Sometime ago I contacted Dave Greenberg, who has for a number of years been tracking GMC's through a service he has called THE GMC REGISTRY, asking if he would submit a story for us about what he is doing. He has very kindly complied and what follows is his story which is self-explanatory. One thing I noticed from the figures he gives of vehicles registered is that he has found 626 GMC's in California as of July 2000, while we have only under 200 members in our club from California. I haven't taken the time to count up our membership numbers from the other states and compare, but from this one state where we have the largest number of vehicles, there is a wide difference in numbers. Sooo-- what does this tell us? Perhaps there are still a large number of GMC's out there all over our territory which are not WESTERN STATES members. It looks like we all need to get out there and spread the word about our club. So when you see a GMC, be sure to give them one of our advertising brochures we mailed out to you a while ago. If you need more brochures, let any of us know.

To be noted also, Dave's map does not show registrations for the three western Canadian Provinces. However his figures are: BC- 49 coaches; Alberta- 35 coaches; and Saskatewan-7 coaches.

If there are any of us who have not registered our vehicle with Dave Greenberg, he would really appreciate your doing this. Give him the VIN number (under the right front hatch cover), model, year and your name and address. His address is at the end of the article or if you are on the Internet you can register at: or at www.Buskirk-RushRV/GMC-Registry/online-registry.htm. If you want to be a super snoop, you might even lift the hatch of someone else's and get the VIN number and send it in along with the pertinent information.

Drive carefully and hope to see you in September,

Claude Brousson


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