Roy Platz In Memoriam

We received two wonderful tributes to Roy Platz and are so grateful to Al Singleton and Bill and Marilyn Harvey for their poignant remembrances. To their beautifully chosen words we would like to add a special note to Ellamae Platz. You can take pride in the quality of man you married, and our collective thoughts are with you in the days to come. Roy will be with all of us in our memories. Here is what we received.

Roy Platz wasn't just my friend; he was our friend - yours and mine. He gave of his time and his talent and was a treasure to GMCWS. He supported the club, its activities and its members. He was a man that represented attitudes and values worthy of us all. His word was as good as a contract. He was a "straight ahead" kind of guy. One always knew where they stood with Roy. He was a good and supportive friend to those he chose as friends. His generous nature, warm smile and firm handshake told you right off that he liked you. He loved a good yarn, whether he was teller or listener. When Roy said, "To make a long story short---", I always knew I had time to finish the drink of quality scotch I had in my glass.
He and Ellamae were the architects of the Redwood Millennium Roundup. They were the folks who knew the services and amenities of the Ukiah area. Their months of labor and attention to detail were what made the Roundup the success it was, make no mistake. This was accomplished despite Roy's health becoming an increasing problem for them. He personally asked Jerry Jardine to present at the rally. They arranged for the CHP to provide a PIO Officer. They got the Sun House tour, the botanical garden tour and the great catering from Jeanette's Country Cooking.
It was an honor to fill in for them at the rally.
I can't tell you how bitter the disappointment was that he wasn't able to see the fruits of their labor and get your appreciation. It was harder still to tell you of his passing at the final dinner. I will miss him. It will always seem just a bit less without him. I hope the musicians were right, Roy. I'll be seeing you.

Al Singleton

Many will say that it was a tragedy that Roy passed away during the roundup at Ukiah, particularly since he worked so very hard to make that an outstanding roundup. However, perhaps there was no better tribute to Roy than the very successful roundup that reflected his dedication to GMC Western States and the GMC world. We can be sure that he passed knowing that his efforts came to fruition.
We first met Roy at the snowy roundup at Estes Park. He and Ellamae attended and smiled all the way through while some of us were grousing about the weather. His interest in Western States continued as he and Ellamae attended every roundup. He helped with parking and every way that he could every time. Finally his interest overwhelmed him and he volunteered to serve as a Roundup Master. Since he was very proud of his part of California, he wanted to show it off at the Ukiah roundup. Those of us who attended can testify that he succeeded in this very well.
Roy's happy personality showed through thick and thin, good times and bad. He'll be missed in the GMC world as he was at Ukiah. Thanks Roy for being a great friend.

Marilyn and Bill Harvey

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