Technical Newsletters
by Gene French

Number 1 February 1992

Every 3,000 Miles or 3 Months
Every 6,000 Miles or 6 Months
Every 12,000 Miles or 12 Months
Every 24,000 Miles or 24 Months
City Water Entry Valve Information
Air Suspension Update

Number 2 June 1992
Electrical Basics

Number 3 October 1992

Parts Update
Window Channel Replacement

Number 4 August 1993

Generator Basics
Exhaust System
Fuel System
Electrical System
Ventilation and cooling
Electrical Appliance Guide

Number 5 May 1993

GMC Front End and Steering Systems
The Ignition System
Exhaust System Seminar
Paint Seminar
Cracked Supports
Dangerous Tires
In Emergency (Breakdown)

Number 6 December 1993

Front End and Steering Terminology

Number 7 March 1994

Renovating The Interior of Your Coach
Seat Coverings
Window Coverings
CB Antenna

Number 8 June 1994

Brake Adjustment
Steering Column Grease
In line Fuel Filters
Steering Damper Replacement
Air Bag Leak Isolation Tip
Distributor Lubrication
Radiant Heat
Transmission Shifting Problem

Number 9 October 1994

Fan Clutch Replacement/Upgrade
Fan Belt Replacement
Air Conditioning Fan Belt Tightening Tip
Shore Power Connection
Power Steering Maintenance
Electrical Connection Service Tip
Battery Cables
Oil Service Tip
Radiator Protection

Number 10 December 1994

Tech Tips
Brake Fluid
Engine Cooling
CV Boots
Timing Chain Replacement
Backup Electric Fuel Pump
Dash Heater Tip
GFI Problem
See Through Steering Wheels
More on Fan Clutches
Electrical Connection Tip

Number 11 March 1995

Emergency Repair Kit

Number 12 June 1995

Good Maintenance
Transmission Overflow Problem
Broken Crank Shaft
Brake Fluid
Radiator and Cooling System
Rear Axle Pins

Number 13 November 1995

Horsepower and Hill Climbing
(Rolling Dyno Test and Final Drives)

Number 14 March 1996

Reviewing The Power Steering Hydraulic Sys. Short Technical Topics
Wiring Fixes
Oil Filter Elbow

Number 15 June 1996

Reformulated Gasoline - What Does It Mean
Air Bag Extenders (Lifters) How Good?
Fabrication and Installation

Number 16 November 1996

Cold Enough for You or Winter Tasks
Check all Vacuum Controls and Lines
Replace Deteriorated Foam Seals on
Temperature and Recirculating Doors

Number 17 March 1997

Lower Steering Shaft Reconditioning
More on Reformulated Gasoline

Number 18 June 1997

Prescott Territorial Ramble Tech Notes
Retrofitting Air Conditioner to use R134
How To Smooth Out Those Pesky Ruts
Front Suspension and Alignment

Number 19 October 1997

Air Fuel Monitor
Control Arm Alert
Notes from Darrel Winterfield's Engine

Number 20 December 1997

Safety First
A Switch Panel
Oil Pan Modification
Emergency Repair Parts
Fuel System
Cooling System
Wheel Bearings
Air Bags
Parts and Services

Number 21 May 1998

Removing A Front Wheel Knuckle

Number 22 July 1998

Sewer Outlet
Door Latch
Tech Tips
Brake Fluid
Engine Cooling
CV Boots
Timing Chain Replacement
Backup Electric Fuel Pump
See Through Steering Wheels

Number 23 November 1998

Round Up Tech Seminar
Transmission Venting Simplified

Number 24 January 1999

Some Cold Weather Modifications
Fresh Water Tank
City Water Line
Sewage Pump
Two Transmission Failures in 6 Months
Part 1 Experience/Observations
Part 2 Peripheral Education
Part 3 Conclusions
Parts and Services

Number 25 May 1999

Lower Control Arm Failure Update
Fuel Tank Modification
Parts and Services for the GMC

Number 26 September 1999

Inner CV Joint Bolts
Transmission Vent Alert
Steering Damping
Parts and Services for the GMC

Number 27 December 1999

Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta
Onan Generator Burr
Crank Shaft Failure

Number 28 March 2000

Front Wheel Bearings
Rubber Products
Rock Guard

Number 29 June 2000

Propane Cylinder Clarification
Entrance Door Adjustment
Engine Oil Leak
Safety Gauges
Air Fuil Ratio Gauge
Parking Brake Adjustment

Number 30 August 2000

Batteries Explained and Compared
Comparing Brake Modifications

Number 31 December 2000

Comparing Brake Modifications Part 2
Winterizing the Water System
Radiator Antifreeze and Cap
Larger Radiator Core
Wall to Ceiling Molding

Number 32 March 2001

Horsepower and Torque and the GMC
Cell Phones and Computers
Sewage Odors

Number 33 June 2001

Timkin bearings
Living on 12 Volts
Interior Concepts
Onan Trouble Shooting
Height Adjustment / Wheel Alignment
Rear Bearing Adjustment
Spare Parts List
Tools List
Internet Links

Number 34 August 2001

Lubrication and Lubricants

Number 35 December 2001

Cornering Lights

Number 36 March 2002

Fuel Storage and Delivery System
Check Ride Height