GMC Western States
Newsletter Number 39 - December 15, 1999

 President's Message

Greetings and Holiday Good Wishes from your new President to all of you at this Christmas season of the year, although I must confess it seems a little strange to be saying that as I write this at the begin-ning of November. But by the time it arrives in your mailbox, the Christmas season will have rolled around. The months keep flying by faster and faster.

Bill Harvey outlined in the last newsletter the slate of officers chosen by the State Reps. (Nominating Committee), and these were voted in as your new officers by the attendees at the Balloon Fiesta. They are:


 Claude Brousson

 Non technical Vice President

 Nancy Pettit

 Technical Vice President

 Chuck Aulgur


 Frank Condos


 Miki Singleton

 FMCA National Director

 Norm Kasch

 Alternate National Director

 Bob Blenkinsop

There is further change with Tony and Cheryl Weir stepping to the sidelines of duty (hopefully only for a little while) as they concentrate on their family and keeping the other areas of their lives in order. We owe a very big thank you to this younger GMC family for their contributions over the past 8 years as Treasurer, Secretary, Administrative Assistant and Web Master. Tony was able to get us up and running as the first club on the web with a nice looking site to boot. Thanks a lot, guys. With no paid Administrative Assistant Frank Condos, our Secretary, has squared his shoulders and will be taking on some of Cheryl's work.

Our new Web Masters are Billy and Debbie Massey, new GMC WS members hailing from the small, central Texas town of Brownwood. Billy works for the 3M company where he produces the micro-scopic glass beads used on reflective highway signs and license plates. Debbie works as the Computer Admissions and Registration coordinator at the Texas Mental Health Center in Brownwood. They are in the process of doing a complete restoration to their 1976 Palm Beach hoping to make it "like new" so it will never break down! They also enjoy being active in creating web sites, having done several for others, and now are looking forward to working as a team in managing the GMC WS site at " ".

As yet I have not been able to confirm all the State and Provincial Reps., but those confirmed are:


 DJ. Eberhart

 Southern California

 Russell Ellis

 Arizona and Utah

 John Lamb

 New Mexico

 Al Chernoff

 Alberta: Bernie


 British Columbia

 Denny Allen


 Paul Burkhart


 Carol Baxter

Let me make a few comments about myself and what I would like in the near future to see our Club focusing on. Donna and I can claim to being part American, as we purchased our GMC in 1992 down in Arizona, luckily getting it all home in one piece to BC. We can claim a wonderful American son-in-law, and I guess the rest of us is Canuck, so we apologize for that. Now you have to understand Canadians are always apologizing - part of our inferiority complex! We're working real hard in retirement and share our property with 3 ducks on our pond and 3 peacocks to wake us up in the A.M.

For our club, I would like to see us continue what the last executive started to build and strengthen it. This requires us all to be ambassadors of good will encouraging others to join. And we need to continue building up a healthy financial reserve for unforeseen emergencies. Likely that would be in the $ 25,000 to $ 30,000 range.

I see us being in a transition time with more and more of our members using e-mail and the Internet for information. For members with this access, we can keep them informed about club news and technical information without their having to wait until they can get to a roundup. At the same time our newsletter and the rallies are still vital in providing the hands on, face to face meeting ground for friendship, fun, and technical learning which has driven the club for the past 11 years.

Lastly, it's not too soon to start thinking about com-ing to our Spring Roundup in Ukiah, CA and join Roy and Ellamae Platz as our Roundup Masters. This is a beautiful time of year in California; the hills are green, the weather warm and a great time to get out into the out of doors for fun. Mark your calendar - April 24-29, 2000.

Claude Brousson, President



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