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Current club membership is at 357. The use of the separate membership renewal mailing helped to reduce the number of reminders that were mailed out.

Our website,, is well used. Statistics for a recent month indicated over 13,000 accesses. 67% were from the US, 3% from Canada and the rest from all over the world. Of course some accesses were from web surfers, but it is nice to know that our organization is known around the world.

The most popular pages are the technical pages, for sale, and products. The least are the newsletter photo pages. Incidentally, on the membership renewal form we asked if members were interested in receiving the newsletter by E-mail, and the response was underwhelming. It looks like most of us like to read hard copies but use the website for reference. Most of the new member applications are down loaded from the website.

Finally, we all owe a note of thanks to Billy Massey, the Webmaster, for his contribution. Since he is still employed, we don't get a chance to meet him at many roundups. The next time you are on the website, why not send him a thank you E-mail.

Frank Condos

Reunion in the Pines
Camp Yavapines, Prescott, Arizona
May 29th - June 3rd, 2002

We look forward to seeing many of you in Prescott in late May for our Reunion in the Pines Roundup at Camp Yavapines.

In this newsletter, you'll find a registration blank to use to let us know you're coming. We plan to send a map, directions to camp, and schedule out to registrants as they register.

The weather in Prescott at that time of year should feature cool nights and warm days, but like everywhere else, that can vary. Be prepared with everything from shorts to light jackets, and you'll be OK. Remember your hats and sunblock.

Our plans include having formal tech and nontech sessions only in the mornings, saving the afternoons for more flexible activities such as swimming, antiquing, a trip to our local casino, a musical jam session and singalong (bring your instruments), a session on antique and old tools, a multi-day session on the autopsy of a GMC transmission, and more. We expect to have vendors attending this roundup.

Our campground is beautiful but also rustic and hilly. We'll have the use of a beautiful dining room, two classrooms, and a large open air covered dome. Many campsites are less than level (bring your blocks) and at a distance from the main buildings (1/4 mile or so). Once the sun goes down it's dark, so bring a flashlight.

Most sites (approx. 80) have water, electric, and sewer hookups.

Camp Yavapines is a Seventh Day Adventist Campground, which means meals served to us will be wholesome and good and will offer both meat and vegetarian choices. It also means that smoking is permitted only in your coach, and that alcohol brought to the common areas of camp must be in an opaque, lidded container, not in the original packaging. Special care must be taken to keep pets safe here (there are mountain lions, coyotes, and bobcats around). Don't leave your pets tied or caged outside while you are away from the coach. No pets are allowed in buildings, and please pick up any poop!

So come join us for learning and fun here in the best place to live in Arizona!

Rally hosts: Mike and Judy Cherry (928) 445-7875
Bebe and Nancy Pettit (928) 445-9432

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