GMC Western States
Newsletter Number 46 - August 15, 2001

 President's Message
Hello to you all.

Well, I wonder, at the mid summer point, where are all the Western States GMC's? Doubtless some are at a lake enjoying the cool breezes, some are relaxing beside a campfire in the cool evening, and some are up in the mountains looking for a few fish. And some, like ours, in the barn at home in the shade. Although we are heading out very shortly, so far this summer we have been staying tight to home in Victoria, BC, enjoying bushels of strawberries, raspberries, marion berries, tomatoes and lots of other organic veggies from our garden. However, this weekend we watched one of the large tour boats come into dock guided by a local harbour pilot (that is the law), then disgorge its sightse-ers for a whirlwind look around the environs of the city and maybe out to Butchart Gardens before sailing on to Alaska.

Also with a brisk onshore afternoon breeze the kite surfers and hang gliders were all out in full force along the waterfront cliffs having a blast. Oh! to be young again, and I would be out there too!! Victoria is a great destination place to come and can be enjoyed by both young and old no matter what their tastes. And I guess that is why we are home in the summer - we kind of like it too. If you come, feel free to give us a call, and maybe we can help your holiday along too, or if having trouble with the GMC, I can get you going again.

From time to time I have inquires of "do I have to belong to GMC Western States in order to come to a rally?" And the answer is," no, you do NOT have to be a member." We believe it is fair for a GMC'er to be able to come to our roundup, look, talk, sit, eat, laugh, get to know some folk, and then make a decision of whether to join. We believe a Western States roundup is truly something which has to be experienced, and then having once been to one, most will want to join the club and of course come again.

I think one factor that really makes the roundups unique and very enjoyable is the fine cadre of volun-teers who run the club and put on the roundups in many interesting and diverse areas of this great country of ours. And speaking of volunteers, I know we have many talented individuals in our club, so be sure we know of your willingness and talent so we can have your help too.

Our Roundupmasters - the Condos and Truberts - have just sent me a copy of the schedule for Mariposa Gold Country Roundup, and I must say, "You gotta come", as we are going to have a g-o-o-o-d time, but then we always do, don't we? Let's go for the California Gold!

Claude Brousson, President

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