GMC Western States
Newsletter Number 45 - June 1, 2001

 President's Message
They came from hither and yon. We went over a mountain pass (albeit very carefully) with the snow coming down hard, but when we all arrived in the valley out to Palm Desert and Emerald Grove RV Park, Roundupmasters, Dave and Donna De Graffenreid had the sun turned on and a very nice high end RV park all waiting for us. All the stops were pulled out and every one had a grand time. We "Made a Million Errors", we gained weight, we spun yarns, and by the end, we all left very contented. Dave and Donna, I think, likely lost a few pounds, and they were now ready for a holiday! Special thanks to both of you.

One of the things which happens behind the scenes at the spring roundups is that we empower our state and province reps to become an ad hoc nominating committee to choose the Executive for the following year. The following are the recommendations, which will be voted on at our fall rally. Our Treasurer Miki Singleton is asking for retirement, so Bill Shumway has agreed to take her place. Nancy Pettit, our First Vice President for Non Tech (who was going to retire a year ago but kept on another year), will be replaced by Dege Lowry. Dege is going to have an assistant with Phyllis Kuether. The rest of us don't get assistants! Bob Blenkinsop felt it necessary to step down from being alternate National Director due to the health condition of his wife Barbara, so Kerry Tandy will be Bob's replacement. The rest of the Executive is willing to continue serving. I might add that all these positions are for a one year term, so if someone is willing to continue serving, they must still be voted in each year. We typically do our voting at our fall roundup. Also, it is legal for a member to put forward an alternate name at the general meeting for a position; however, if one planned to do this, one should have the written consent of the nominee, and it would also assist in the smooth management of the issue to have had before hand some dialogue with the President. I am not, however, encouraging this approach, as I believe if any one has ideas for a position, the Nominating Committee would be very interested in having suggestions ahead of time. I believe it is much more manageable to do the footwork in committee before bringing it to the whole body and possibly creating grand confusion.

Two other changes which have already taken place: Bob Cook and Chuck Garton are tired of running the PA system - just at the point when it is now easy to manage with portable mikes, but anyway Bob Kuether is taking over for them. And Bob Cook will now be a S. California State Rep. instead of Russell Ellis who also wants to hang up his shingle.
Many of you will have noted from your perusal of the monthly FMCA magazine mention from time to time of the Good Will-Hinckley Homes for Boys and Girls in Hinckley, Maine. This is the place where FMCA was founded back in 1963 with 26 motor coaches coming together for the first time from eight states and Canada. Having talked about the merits of forming some sort of club that centered on travel by motorhome, the next day the Family Motor Coach Association was born. The site was on the grounds of the Hinckley School, which provided residential cottages to care for needy and deserving boys and girls. Ever since there has been a somewhat symbiotic relationship between the two organizations

Near the original meeting spot of 26 RV owners, a FMCA commemorative walkway is being developed which will surround the goose-egg-shaped monument that was placed on the school grounds in 1994 to commemorate FMCA's formation. All FMCA chapters have been invited to contribute towards bricks or blocks which will form a part of this walkway, and each chapter can then have their chapter name and area served engraved in a block. The proceeds from the sale of these blocks will help fund the continued work of the school and also fund a new middle school on campus. Currently they care for approximately 150 children who have been traumatized from sexual, physical or emotional abuse or neglect and whose parents are unable to care for them.
Your Executive voted to contribute $250.00 to the school and in turn will have a 12" x 12" granite block with our name and area served placed in the walkway.

I was very gratified to see our Executive do this, having all my professional years worked with children and families of similar background. Having seen much of the pain, anguish and anger which such circumstances create in the lives of families and especially children.

I must say I have a soft spot for such a program, and I felt proud of our Executive for choosing to also have a part in this project.

Well folks, summer is fast coming, but don't forget the September Mariposa Roundup. Great plans are in the works, so you won't be disappointed. So grease the bogies and keep all six turning and on the ground.

Claude Brousson, President

From Our Secretary

The Executive Board meeting and the General Membership meeting were held at the Palm Desert Spring 2001 roundup.

Minutes of the Executive Board Meeting
President Claude Brousson called the Executive Board meeting to order in the afternoon of March 20. The secretary's report was read and accepted. The current membership is 356, down by 10% from last year. Board members and State representatives discussed different approaches to renewal notification. A consensus was formed to try sending invoices to all members for the next year's renewal.

The Treasurer's reports was read and accepted.

President Claude read a request to support the Good Will-Hinckley Home for Boys and Girls from FMCA to add a block on the memorial walk commemorating the founding of FMCA. The Board voted to donate $250 for a 12x12 granite block with the Western States Chapter name.

The Board voted against placing the chapter roster on the Western States website even if access would be restricted to members only. The concern was that the list could still be made available to anyone for solicitations and advertising.

There was discussion affirming that vendor participation at roundups was important to our members and that it should be encouraged including the selection of sites that did not prohibit sales or repair demonstrations wherever possible. President Claude said he would check on insurance requirements and subsequently determined that FMCA provided insurance does cover the club. Any business conducted at the rally is between individuals and not the club. Businesses must carry their own liability/workmen's comp insurance.

The Truberts proposed to investigate the possibility of delivering the newsletter by E-Mail to those requesting it.

Minutes of the General Membership Meeting
The Secretary and Treasurer's reports were read and accepted. President Claude welcomed all members and extended a special greeting to the first timers. The results of the Board meeting were mentioned.

The membership voted to accept the State Representatives as the ad hoc nominating committee for the fall election of officers.

We discussed the desirability of providing one or more golf carts at rallies to help members needing assistance. The members indicated by an informal show of hands that carts would be helpful, and that the club should cover the cost if necessary.

Wagon Master Freddi Condos reported that upcoming roundups were in the works for Fall 2001 at Mariposa, CA; for the Spring 2002 at Prescott, AZ; and for Fall 2002 in Wyoming.
Frank Condos

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