GMC Western States
Newsletter Number 44 - March 3, 2001

 President's Message
This winter I have been making some changes to the interior of our GMC in preparation for a complete interior restoration in future, but now with March 18 and Rally time ever getting closer, the push is on to get things finished up especially when I see Donna starting to haul things out to take with us, I am starting to get excited. I am looking forward to seeing you all and meeting new members. There are some, who for various reasons haven't made it to the last several Roundups, but plan to be out this time, including Norm and Julia Kasch. They are coming this time! If there are any of you that I have not met, be sure to come and identify yourselves and say hello. Donna and I are in one of those Royale 26 ft. yellow bananas! I'd love to chat with you awhile.

Dave deGraffenreid has really been working hard getting things all lined up and ready for everyone to have a good time. Also take note that there will be optional bus tours to The Living Desert and the Palm Springs Air Museum. This info did not get into the original application; so if you are interested in either or both of these and have already sent in your application, if at all possible, let Dave know so he can plan with the bus company. Contact by phone 949-642-6827 or Email There is more on the Roundup later in the Newsletter. And don't wait until the last minute to send in the application.

I am pleased to report that our bank balances are now at a safe level. Miki Singleton, our Treasurer, has arranged with the bank to get a higher level of interest on money, which is not immediately needed. Our membership for 2001 is steadily approaching last year level.
Because many of our members are in retirement and eventually face the time when they cannot travel, we need to stay constantly vigilant to keep promoting our club and looking for new members. Each of us is the best advertising in this area.

I will be asking our State and Provincial Reps to serve as the nominating committee at the Roundup as we need to replace several positions on the Executive. After three years as Treasurer, Miki Singleton feels it is time to step back and take some rest. Likewise, Nancy Pettit, our Nontechnical Vice-president, is stepping down. She was going to retire last year, but agreed to carry on, for which I was very pleased. So if any one has an interest in either of these positions or knows someone with the skills and interest, let myself, the State Reps., or any of the Executive know. Keep in mind, this club operates entirely by folks volunteering their time and talents, so if you have a skill, why not consider helping. You will enjoy the club more if you do.

Just a bit of information (I think they call it trivia these days), Dave Greenberg who did an article for us on his Registry of GMC's in the August Newsletter, reports now he has 4713 vehicles registered. That's another 463 from last August. So if you come across one, try and get the owners name and the TZE number and give it to Dave. I wonder where the rest of the 12,921 that were produced are?

Then, have you ever wondered who might have been the youngest person to own a GMC Motorhome? I won't tell you his name, but some years ago a 16-year-old teenager was given a brand new one by his mother, and now that he is older, last year he got another one, this time a 1976 Palm Beach. He's also a Western States member. It seems these vehicles just get into your blood and then never quite go away.

Well folks, get those engines revving, do the preventive maintenance, and plan to be at Palm Desert where all the action, food, and fun, is going to be. You choose which is your first priority, but we guarantee it's all going to be there.

Claude Brousson, President

2001 Roster

The 2001 roster is included in this mailing if your renewal has reached us in time. Check the upper right corner of the address sticker on the mailing envelope. If it shows "Dec-01" you are paid for 2001. If it shows "Dec-00" we have not received your renewal. We will send you the new roster when your renewal reaches us.
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