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Jul 062020

Below we will be posting any input we get from members who respond to Bobbie's question: "How are you spending your Summer?". They will be posted in reverse date order - newest ones on the top so you can easily see if there is anything new that you have not seen.

July 7, 2020
The Minnie’s have been holed up here in Tucson since February 1st – first with a couple cases of the flu and then with the Covid-19 lockdown.  Arizona has turned into a Coronavirus hotspot so we are staying home as much as possible and being very cautious when we do need to go out in public.  We’ve been working on home improvement projects as well as taking walks, cooking, baking and cleaning. Not all that exciting but happy to be staying healthy, and trying to enjoy our Summer weather. Summer here is the time to be away but we have been staying home because if there is going to be “nothing to do” then we’d rather be home where there are more choices for the “nothing” part. 

We are itching to get away in the coach and get out of the heat but have realized that almost all of our RV travel has been to visit people - rallies, friends and relatives. We never just go “camping” but it seems we are going to have to learn to enjoy it - visiting people has become dangerous! Before the pandemic started we ordered a couple of folding kayaks that start out as 28-pound suitcase-shapes and quickly unfold to become kayak/canoe-type boats. When we get them (hopefully by the end of July), we will head off into the mountains for some cool weather and some “un-friendly” activity. Hope you have plans to look forward to and are staying busy too.
Armand and Carol Minnie  

July 1, 2020
Hello out there. Good to know there are other living beings on the planet.Just kidding, we aren't 'that' isolated, but sometimes it feels like it. We arefortunate to live on acreage so we have plenty to keep us busy and out doors.I'm growing more garden this year and Ron is puttering wistfully around the GMC.Our excitement for the week is Pick Up Day. Pick up grocery order, pick upmail, pick up dinner at Subway.Hope you are all staying safe and healthy.Linda Clark