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Our Bylaws


Our bylaws had last been updated on August 25, 1996.  Over the past few years a lot of work was done by various people and committees to incorporate changes that the FMCA has requested since 1996.  Changes to the bylaws normally require a membership vote.  Since rallies are intended to be social events and committee meetings and member business meeting discussions take up valuable time that could be used for more pleasant things we decided to ask the FMCA Constitution and Bylaws Committee to review our bylaws as last updated and tell us what they would 'require'.  The difference is that changes 'required' by FMCA do not need to be voted on by the membership.

We submitted the review request and the FMCA committee responded.  We made the changes they 'required' and resubmitted the bylaws to them for final approval in June.  The approved the bylaws as submitted so we now have revised bylaws and no more meetings or votes are required.  Shown below are the current bylaws - if you don't see them try click HERE to download them as a PDF: [bylaws-june-2011]