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How to renew


Reminder: membership runs for a year beginning on January 1 and ending on December 31.

If you are currently a member of GMC Western States and would like to renew your membership for another year you must first log in using your ID then click on the Paypal Checkout button on the right.  We are very happy to have your continued support of the classic GMC motorhome.

Notes about Paypal use:
The message you will receive after you complete the transaction will show the current date as the beginning date and the 'next payment due' date as 1 year away.  The payment, if submitted before September 15th, is for the balance of the current calendar year and the next payment due date will be manually adjusted by us to be the end of the current calendar year.  If the payment is submitted after September 15th it will cover the next calendar year and will be manually adjusted by us to reflect that.

Renew by snail mail:

If you want to renew by regular mail then please send a check for $25 (you can renew for multiple years if you want at $25 per year for up to 5 years) to the Club Secretary: Please make sure your check is made out to GMCWS and mail it to the current club Secretary as shown on the "Contact Us" page.