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May 312018

IT’S ALL ABOUT THE LOVE… …of machinery - a masterfully planned collection of nuts, bolts, gears, sheet metal, rubber, plastic, glass, grease that all come together to make a functioning vehicle - the admired and iconic GMC motorcoach, but it’s more than that. It becomes the love of the GMC’s caregivers, the folks who fix, manicure, maintain, fuel and drive these historic beasts. These folks become uppermost in our hearts. Jerry and I have changed into an SOB but not away from GMCs. Thankfully it’s not that we’ve aged out of motorhoming but we’ve definitely aged “up” - as in off the ground. Old knees don’t want to go under coaches any longer or bend and twist over engines and water pumps. From here on it’s “let the mechanic do it.” As we depart from the April Tucson GMC rally and look forward to the next GMCWS rally at Mt. Hood (and other rallies we hope to attend in between,) we reflect upon all the fine friends we’ve been with this winter. The rallies we’ve attended have indeed been grand involving great numbers of us, yet GMC friends have been with us numerous other places as we’ve travelled the vast southwest. One example, in Mexico in March six SOBs gathered, some of our favorite folks, all GMCers now in larger rigs. We are grateful that the clubs have extended membership to those who move into other brands of motorcoaches that better serve current needs. I acknowledge that the GMC crowd figures significantly in our lives. Members of our various GMC clubs are among our favorite folks. Thank goodness we can meet together for several days to share info and socialize, and then it’s a real treat to see each other sometimes in between. We matter more and more, one to another, after these many years of GMC involvement.