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Oct 272016

For all GMCWS members who have followed the Jones’ saga of using Seven Corners FMCA assist services to get themselves and their coach home after an accident, the news is good:  the check was in the mail when they returned home from the Mill Casino rally.  Reimbursement for costs incurred were for  the flight cost for their friend to fly from SFO to North Bend, OR. to their coach, and from Seatac back to SFO, the toll bridge cost for the driver, his meal at the airport, and airport parking. They also paid the taxi costs as well as gas for the GMC.

The lesson in this for all GMC owners is to have in mind a designated driver for your rig should you incur troubles, someone you can call upon to get to your coach in an emergency and drive it to your home.  The insurance currently provided by our FMCA membership will not provide drivers for rigs over 10 years old.  However, let’s look on the bright side as we remember several years when we didn’t have any assist insurance provided at all.

A reminder:  FMCA insurance for getting pets home applies only to dogs and cats - not snakes, pot bellied pigs, etc.
And another:  be sure your family members have your FMCA number which they might need to contact Seven Corners on your behalf.  In an emergency first call 911, then call for medical help, then Seven Corners with the FMCA number.

Chandler, AZ, will be the site of the next FMCA International Convention, March 7-10, 2017, lucky for us in the west.  Find the reservation form in your magazine.

Happy travels,
Sharon Work