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Jan 062019

As members of FMCA as well as GMC Western States, we members benefit when that organization prospers as well as we ourselves do.  FYI, here is a summary of the report from the FMCA National Treasurer based on financials in August:

Overall, revenue is up $891,177 over this time in fiscal year 2017. Membership dues are up $342,569. Membership commissions are up a staggering $342,523 as well. Overall, events income was up $409,529. One concern on the revenue side is advertising sales. They are down $160,213 from this time last year. Expenses are up $132,016 from last year. On the membership side, the big item continues to be FMCAssist. As we know, the 2018 fiscal year rate came in well over what we had budgeted. That caused some issues on our financials. We paid $309,690 more this year than last year. If you take out that expenditure, we have actually done better on the expense side, while also increasing revenue.   Subsequent to their initial billing, the insurer did an internal audit and found some charges had been made to our account that should not have been made.  On their own, they re-billed us for the correct lower amount and that will show up as significant savings for us in future years.

The big saver was on the events side. We spent $346,461 less than last year. 

Also of interest is this quote from the Executive Director’s Report about FMCA membership figures:   “Membership finished fiscal year 2018 with a gain of 3,612 members. Our year-end figure of 77,519 is a 4.9% gain for the year. Since the beginning of fiscal year 2017, we have gained 7,270 members, which equates to a gain of 10.2%. We have added just shy of 3,000 families who own RVs other than motorhomes. That segment now makes up 3.8% of our membership total.”

So we in GMCWS can be proud that there has been this much recovery from the down time about a decade ago when the parent organization’s finances were looking bleak, when the whole motorhome industry was on its lips.  To know more about why FMCA is important to you and our club, read your magazine closely and notice all the offered benefits - while you are enjoying the pretty pictures!   

Our club is part of the International Area (INTO) of FMCA.  Should you be on the east coast in October, you could join that rally at Myrtle Beach.  However, we plan to be at our own GMCWS rally at Seven Feathers Casino next October in Oregon.  Another  rally of interest to us on the west coast is the 100th FMCA International Convention August 14-17 in Minot, ND.  Jerry and I attended the 99th convention this past summer in Gillette, WY, and had a blast.  Also, should you be in the NW in June, consider the NW Area Rally at the fairgrounds in Albany, OR, June 6-9.  All are welcome!