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Nov 032017

Paso Robles Rally Report
October 2017
Wine Country RV Resort, Paso Robles, CA
Hosts:  Dave & Donna deGraffenreid, Nick Roenick & Donna Ventura

GMCWS’ Fall 2017 Rally was kicked off with a welcome by President Nick Roenick. Nick thanked Dave for unexpectedly having to step up at the last minute to host the rally, and as usual, he did an awesome job. Nick welcomed each GMC clubs’ members and reminded attendees that per RV Park rules, dogs must be kept on leash, and a reminder to not bring dogs unless they are friendly to people and other dogs. Hoss Hauge welcomed and parked 34 coaches attending the rally, including the following newcomers: Mac “Dutch Marc” Druyts of Los Angeles, Richard and Ruth Peairs of Atascadero, David Horowitz of Raymond, CA, and Jinx Deruisa of Watsonville. First evening’s “dinner” consisted of roving hors d’oeuvres, always a favorite. Lots of great appetizers – one didn’t need dinner afterwards! A Poker Run organized by Dave resulted in Deo Trovao winning a beautiful succulent centerpiece.

Ruth Martin and Bobbie Schultz offered to lead “walkers” in the mornings. On Sunday, George and Ruth Beckman hosted Morning Devotionals in the Clubhouse.

As usual, GMCWS members always provide and enjoy great food at our rallies. Between home-made pizza, bread pudding with bourbon sauce, ice cream, and breakfasts with eggs, bacon, Bill Kittredge’s pancakes, or biscuits & gravy, or Manny’s linguica breakfast burritos – how can one go hungry?? BBQ dinners were sumptuous – provided by Jesse at MB Farms BBQ – couldn’t have been better!

In the absence of Carol Minnie, our 1st Vice President, Ruth Beckman graciously provided great projects for the craftiest of us – braided napkin rings, fabric covered notebooks, and decorating votive candle holders. And due to unforeseen circumstances, Donna deGraffenreid was unable to lead the pizza making efforts, but as usual, everyone chipped in and produced some fantastic and very delicious pizzas. Dave deGraffenreid, landscaper extraordinaire, led a session creating succulent centerpieces for raffle later in the rally.

Susane Wright led the book review of The Killer Angels by Michael Shaara. The book won the Pulitzer Prize and was at one time on the New York Times’ best seller list. Ted Turner made this into a movie - “Gettysburg” – which can be found on Amazon. This is considered to be one of the finest historical novels ever written. There was apparently more killed at Gettysburg - ~53,000 – than in Vietnam. In keeping with the book’s theme - a nation that is divided will fall – Gloria Morris recommended Bill O’Reilly’s Killing Lincoln.  

It was suggested that at the Spring 2018 rally with GMCMI, we invite MI to join us in the review of a book we select.  Bobbie Schultz has offered to lead a discussion of The Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic, and Madness at the Fair That Changed America by Erik Larson. The 2003 book, presented in a novelistic style, is set in Chicago at the 1893 World’s Fair and is based on real characters and events. Leonardo DiCaprio purchased the film rights in 2010. It was also suggested that we do a book exchange.

One of the more memorable events was touring the Estrella Warbirds Museum close by, with its many aviation and automotive displays. Six members were lucky enough to win a raffle to participate in the FA/18 Eagle Flight Simulator – described as an awesome experience by those lucky individuals. Details of the technical sessions are covered by George Beckman elsewhere in this newsletter. The afternoon Swap Meet was very successful, followed by the very popular auction featuring Bill Kittredge as Auctioneer. Believe me, Bill could sell you the original air bag that came on his coach!

Nick and Donna hosted 2 Happy Hours – the first was a Margarita fest, and the second featured wine-tasting with five different wines from Tobin James Winery in Paso Robles. A good time was had by all.

We are looking forward to the Spring 2018 Rally (April 6-12) in Tucson in conjunction with GMCMI. Stay tuned to our website for more information. Armand and Carol Minnie are our rally hosts and already have great plans in store, so you can be sure that it will be a great experience! So get it on your calendar – we will be in touch!