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Apr 262019

Downloading a PDF – what does it mean and why would I do it?

Downloading means transferring the data that makes up the document from “the cloud” to your device. When it is in “the cloud”, you need an internet connection to see it. The reason you would want to download it is so that you can view it without using the internet (because once it is on your device, you do not need an internet connection to view the document). If you downloaded it, you just need to find the downloaded document on your device.

Clicking on a LINK to a PDF document makes your browser program (Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) retrieve the data from “the cloud” and display it on your screen. Once it is on the screen you can read it, print it, or download it with controls that are available the PDF display screen.

Printing the PDF is pretty straightforward but downloading can be confusing because there are so many different variations on how you might have your computer, tablet or phone configured. If you (or whoever helps you with your technical problems) have not changed your defaults you should look for your document in a folder called "downloads". If you can't find the PDF we suggest you ask google - search for "where is my download?" and, follow the instructions and read the results of the search which should be tailored to your device.

Once you have downloaded the newsletter it is no longer necessary to use the internet to look at it - you open the downloaded file instead. You might want to download the file for future reading if you are trying to minimize your data usage on your cell phone or if you will not have an internet connection when you want to read it. Otherwise, you can just save the email and click on the LINK again.