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Jun 292019

Last winter we experienced a episode in Mexico of what can happen when folks have a medical emergency.  It didn’t go well.  It was a come-uppance to us - be prepared!   Have the FMCA insurance  information readily available.  Be sure it is also in the hands of your family, those who would be called if necessary.  BE READY to utilize the insurance you are paying for.

In the current issue of the FMCA magazine there is a full page ad describing an important member benefit that comes along with your FMCA membership fee at no additional cost.  It is called FMCAssist.  If you or someone traveling with you experiences a medical issue anywhere in the world - so long as you are more than 100 miles from home - this insurance will provide an ombudsman to interface with all the medical services necessary to get the person with the medical emergency the help they need plus will arrange and pay for transporting your motorhome, pets and other traveling companions back to your home.  It is great coverage that you and your family should know about.  

Below is a simple one page document that contains all the info you and they need to trigger this world wide help.  Fill in your FMCA member number that starts with an F (and is shown on the address block on your magazine) and print out multiple copies to distribute to those who would be called if you have a medical emergency while traveling.

Sharon Work, FMCA National Director for GMCWS
Kerby, OR