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Jan 112021

A Tribute to Ralph Mundia

If you grew up in Pacific Cruiser’s you remember Ralph Mundia and his wife Annie Mundia as royalty. They were first and foremost in our club. Ralph served as our President for many years. We all have memories of Ralph as “Head Grill Master” and enjoyed many Tri Tip dinner’s served with Annie’s side dishes served for our enjoyment, but I remember more about Ralph. I remember his devotion to our members, and especially when he and Annie would dance, or how charming and handsome he was. Thank you Ralph for all the memories and may I say Thank You from all our hearts for all the times we forgot to say thank you for being you, your loyalty to us, may we humbly wish you well. Ride with the wind with all of us cheering you on. God bless you and keep you in the arms of the angels.

Bobbie Schultz President of Western States and all the GMC Cubs you touched