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Oct 232018

Rally Report Oct 4th thru Oct 8th Mt Hood Oregon

I’m Bobbie Schultz’s special motorhome, I’m writing this rally report in lieu of a human because no one volunteered.

I’m very pretty, Bobbie my owner, is the new president so it was my job to get her to Mt Hood, Oregon for the Western States Rallly.  I was very good and didn’t lose any of my fluids along the way.

They had some great tech sessions,

“What were we thinking” led by John Harper

“Installing, purchasing, etc Solar Charging Systems”-Armand Minnie

“ How to react to Fire in your GMC”-Mike Burtch

“Custom Vehicles Built on GMC Chassis”-Randy Grubb

“Camshaft Timing”-Jim Hupy

“How to install an Electronic ignition on 4Kw or 6Kw Onan Generators”-Gary Bovee. 

I lov it when you learn more ways to make me more efficient.

Jim Kanomata brings a lot of great teachers to the rallies, he is my friend and has worked under my hood a lot over the years. Thank You Jim and Grace.

Carol Minnie led us in some ladies sessions, we learned how to make Gift Jars, had coffee and croissants while us ladies discussed our travel.

We took walks with Deo Trovao, and she led a talk about Viking River Cruises, I didn’t attend because I don’t do well on rivers, but they had lots of nice prizes.

We had lots of good food, thanks to Dave de Graffenreid, Manny Trovao and family.  We even made “Bread Pudding” with Donna de Graffenreid, my favorite, yummie. Donna Ventura taught us how to make hardy Salads. I learned how to play Jokers & Marbles, read a book for the Book Club called “A Mountain Between Us” ,tried Karaoke, I wanted to sing  “On the Road Again” but Corky said GMC’S can’t sing.

Our new Western States Board was elected and is as follows:

Chapter President-Bobbie Schultz

First Vice President Shirlee McArthur

FMCA National Director-Sharon Work

2nd FMCA Representative Mannie Trovao

Treasurer- Dave de Graffenreid

Secretary- Donna Ventura

Webmaster- Armand Minnie

Newsletter Editor, Bobbie Schultz, formatted by Jimmy Oligney

We also had an Executive Board meeting & a General Membership Meeting and Election,  as previously stated. I don’t find the meetings interesting but what ever it takes so we can keep having rallies and I can see my friends, I have a special GMC friend in the Cascaders who lives in Washington.

We went camping on our way home, looking for rally spots for 2020, after being in a few campgrounds where people were fawning over me and telling me how they always wanted to own a GMC and they remembered them from the 70’s.  I’m really trying not to get a big head and blow a head casket.

So now I’m going to have a long winters nap. so I will be all rested for our April rally in San Diego, See you there.