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Mar 112017

August 2014 (2)
Time for some fun in Pahrump! We've got some great plans for the Spring 2017 Rally that will be held there from April 20th
through the 24th. The non-technical programs will include a self-defense class, and an “Easy Appetizers” session where we will make some fun goodies for happy hour (bring a recipe that can be made in a GMC kitchen without an oven). You're invited to join the “My Favorite Book” discussion by bringing a favorite book and telling us why you like it. From that, we will create a handout with lots of good reading recommendations. Also bring books you'd like to sell or trade at the Book Exchange, and any items you'd be willing to part with for a dollar.

Especially for the Ladies, we will have a Ladies’ Coffee/Tea with pastries, games, door prizes, and a chance to reconnect and meet new folks. We'll also have a fashion show by a local businesswoman who owns Sunflower Fashions in Pahrump. And we will have two great craft projects. We will create some 'charming' jewelry and some fun cork wreaths. Bring a special charm that's meaningful to you or choose from the ones provided to make your charming necklace. And for the wreath, we'll have lots of corks but bring a few with special meaning to add to your creation.

So come to everything, and bring: (1) a favorite cork from a special time, (2) a charm that you would like to add to a charm necklace, (3) books to trade or sell, (4) dollar sale items, (5) a favorite book, and (6) Five to ten copies of your favorite recipe for an appetizer that can be made in a GMC kitchen without an oven. Sound like fun? Come on down, and don't forget to register by April 1st (no foolin').