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May 222018

The GMCMI rally in Tucson, AZ, was enjoyed by many. Western States provided many Tech
Sessions, and they were well received.
Manny Trovao wowed everyone with his talk on Transmission No-Nos and a second session
showing step by step rebuilding of our transmission.
JimK and Miguel Mendez gave folks an interesting look at some of the things they see when
coaches come into their shops. (I think of the time we bought our current coach and took it to JimK’s
shop. All the guys gathered around to laugh at the bushings on my A-Arms. They had not seen any that
were in worse shape. And the silly thing drove straight!)
Randy Van Winkle stepped up when Jim Hupy was unable to attend. Randy and I entertained the
crowd, showing them that you too can change your cam chain, even if you are as misinformed as we
Jerry Work presented an excellent and well researched approach to buying and selling a GMC.
Jerry leaves no stone unturned, bringing his years of experience in industry, and with GMCs, to bear.
Rick Flanagan amazed the unwashed as he manipulated his CAD drawings of important GMC
designs he has done for JimK, including Quad Bags, Three Point Seatbelt, and Reaction Arms.
Hal StClair and Blanca are to be congratulated, along with the entire team for an efficient weighing
of coaches. Hal was prepared and coaches went through faster than I could type the information into
the spreadsheet. Armand Minnie was on hand and was a big help in the initial planning.